Team & Associate

Akshay Sheth
Akshay Sheth : Over twenty years of professional work experience with most renewed Corporate with major expertise in managing developments and executions thru large team. Founder member of FountainHead with Vision to bring World-class Services in the field of Construction and Developments
Akshay Sheth
Yashpal Jadeja : MBA from FORE School Delhi, Work experience with most renewed Corporate. Very innovative and highly successful. Founder member of FountainHead with Vision to Provide Professional services to Corporate and Institutions for realty and infra related requirements
Design Association

ojash hirani Ojas Hirani Founder of Ojas Hirani Architect and Engineers, has been practicing at Ahmedabad, India since 1989. Comprised of group of professionals research Indian traditions and interpret them for today's society and employ state of the art modern technological solutions to translate clients vision into reality. With a voluminous experience and immaculate track record, the team consistently renders world class services.