Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We have a dedicated department providing Corporate Services. The department consists of highly experienced professionals in the field of providing high end Corporate Services. They themselves have been exposed to Corporate work environment.  Our services include

  1. Property Identification:
  2. Searching available properties. Be it land, constructed space, etc. in the identified area and present you with the rates, location maps, photographs, demographic, geographic details, information about other companies in the same/adjoining area.

  3. Papers check:
  4. Having explored all the available options, once the property is zeroed in, we gather all related papers pertaining to the property.

  5. Finalising the deal:
  6. We then act as a medium so as to help both the concerned entities reach a suitable price & close the deal.

  7. Infrastructure:
  8. All necessary layouts are presented along with the cost once the layout is Okayed for your side; we carry out the entire design, interior work.

  9. Approvals:

All the necessary approvals from the competent authority are obtained